AlexFert Overview

is an Egyptian joint stock company that was founded in October 2003 and incorporated under the provisions of the Law No.8, 1997 for Investment and Incentives Guarantees. The Licensed Capital is 500 Million USD and Issued Capital is 248,750,000 USD.

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Alaa ElBanna

Chairman Of The Board

The company’s policy is based on investing its human resources, together with deepening the feeling of loyalty, synergy, and persistence on the part of her personnel. In addition to this, the company is highly concerned with maintenance practices, HSE issues, work commitment and ethics.

Do It Right

We put safety first
We are ethical and compliant in our business dealings

Do It Well

Our operations are productive and efficient


We work as a team for the greater good of the company

Long Term

We collaborate and cooperate with all stakeholders

Our News

قرار تعيين من الشركه القابضه الكويتيه

JUN 09 2021

بناء علي القرار الصادر من السيد المهندس/شريف الزيات العضو المنتدب للشركه القابضه الكويتيه
قد تقرر تعيين السيد المحاسب/علاء البنا رئيس مجلس الاداره
و السيد المحاسب/مسعود الصاوى العضو المنتدب للشئون الماليه و الاداريه
والسيد المهندس/اسامه مصطفي كمال مدير عام المصانع

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