Granular Urea

Produced through the reaction of Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide under high pressure supplied by the ammonia plant, forming Urea solution that is turned into Granular form using Stami-Carbon technology, with a designed capacity of 1,750 tons/day.
General Specifications:
- Nitrogen 46% Min
- Moisture 0.5% Max
- Biuret 1% Max
- Granulation 90% Min, 2-4.5 mm
White, granular, free flowing and free from harmful substances, treated against caking.


Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia

Produced using Natural Gas as the main feedstock, along with Steam and Air as other feeds. These feeds undergo a series of reactions in the ammonia plant to produce ammonia in gaseous form. Then, it is turned into liquid under pressure and cooling down process, with a designed capacity of 1,200 tons/day.
General Specifications:
- Fully Refrigerated Anhydrous Ammonia -33 °C
- Nitrogen 81.9% Min
- Ammonia 99.5% Min by weight
- Water 0.5% Max by weight

Ammonium Sulphate

Produced synthetically by the reaction of Ammonia and Sulfuric Acid. The product characteristics make it ideal to be used either as a straight fertilizer or in bulk blending applications, with daily designed capacity of 720 tons/day.
General Specifications:
- Nitrogen 20.8%
- Sulphur 24%
- Moisture 0.5% Max
- Granule size Mean 3 mm